Aerie Farm East Fast Dogs and Lurchers

Raising happy, healthy, family dogs that excel in dryland dog racing (ie. Scooter, Bikejour, Canicross)



Born in New York in 2016.

She is a Coyote Hound/Pointer/Alaskan Husky cross. Mardi is the leader of our team and she loves to run. We couldn’t do it without our petit little girl. She has a beautiful soul and a bounce in her step. As the oldest in the pack she is also the brains.


Born in South Dakota in 2017

Mavis is pure Coyote Hound. She is our enforcer. The van is her domain and she is the one who will protect us all. With her crazy eyes and funky hair she is also the Muppet of our pack. Mavis is slightly accident prone but she loves to run when the mood strikes and when she gets rolling don’t get in her way, she moves with the force of a freight train. She is still coming along in her training so watch out for this girl in the future.




Born in New Hampshire in July 2018

Jimmi is the stud of our pack. He is high percentage Pointer with some Greyhound and Alaskan Husky. He is 100% goofball and his goofy grin and crazy eyes will make you laugh every time. He had some minor health setbacks leading into what would have been his first season of racing and so he is yet to compete in a race but he comes from some top racing lines and we are so excited to see how he preforms in the future. This guy loves to run and we hope to let him shine in 2020.