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Lambs, Calves and Kids will start arriving in February 2020.

Deposits are being taken now to reserve lambs and kids. Select Saanen does are available for sale.

Black 2018 Ram available right now. See below for more info.


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To ask about our sheep or inquire about reserving a lamb or kid please shoot me a message and we will be glad to assist you in finding the ideal animal for your farm. We strive to place only the best animals that truly represent the breed. Health and vigor are paramount to our program. Able to assist in transportation, ask about availability.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our farm.

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Black 2018 Ram

Twin Black ram lamb out of our main black ram “Randy” and one of our main black flock ewes. We have been growing him out to see what he would become. We are very pleased with how well he has developed and we are now offering him for sale as a proven ram. $400. Contact for more info.